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Session Booking Work flow

Step 1           Book a Free Pre- Consultation Call
  • Book online a convenient timeslot 
  • The call will last about 25 Minutes 
  • Please fill in the Intake Form – This will speed up the process
  Step 2

Receive an Email on how to connect

  • Your Pre-consultation Call will be done via Zoom.
  • Requirements to connect to the call will be detailed in the E-Mail
    Step 3

Receive a Free Pre – Consultation Call

  • You will receive a personal call from the therapist. 
  •  Details of your requirements and issues will be discussed. 
  •  The Therapy process will be explained Questions will be answered 
  •  The Zoom and internet Environment will be tested during this call. 
  •  A Booking can now be made for a therapy Session
    Step 4

Pay The Fees

  • First Session
    • US$ 225.00 
    • 90 Min  Session
    • Root Cause Investigation with regression
    • Interpret of Root Cause
    • Reframe Of old Believes
    • Transformation with a Transformation Recording.
  • Follow Up sessions
    • US$ 125.00
    • 60 Min Session
  • Email and WhatsApp help at no additional cost, for three months after the last paid session.
  • Payment Methods:
    •  Direct Bank Transfer 
    •  PayPal 
  •  Confirmation Of session will be received after payment.
    Receive a Full Hypnotherapy Session via Zoom
  • The session will be between one hour to two hours long. 
  • The session will take place via zoom 
  • You are required to be in a quiet undisruptive area with a stable Internet connection. 
  • A good microphone and webcam is a requirement 
    • Most laptops usually are equipped with the required microphone and webcam.
Receive a Transformation Recording
  • Within a day you will receive a recording of the transformation part of the session.
  • You must listen to this recording for 21 days, for the session to be effective.
Book a Follow-Up session 
  • If Required Contact the therapist now directly if you need to book a follow-up session. 
  • You can book a session :
    • for a different Issue 
    • as a follow-up session for the same reason