You will know the truth and the truth will set you free

The Rapid Transformation Therapy Process

Step 1: Investigate

We start investigating when you fill in the Intake form.  

Follow up questions will be asked during the discovery call, and the main investigation will take place during the RTT sesssion. 

The practitioner will aim to find the route couse of the problem, several proven techniques will be used, including regression.

Step 2: Interpret

Several techniques are used to interpret what the investigation has uncovered. The techniques are designed to ensure that the reason for the root cause are correctly identified.

Step 3: Interupt

The practicioner use several methods and techniques to change the wrong beleives and interrupt the current beleives to start the healing process.

Step 4: Install

The new and correct beleives are now installed. The 21 day recording form part of this process.